Monday, October 4, 2010

Scintillating Sunil Kumar

Who is this Sunil Kumar ?  This Sunil Kumar is an IPS officer of 1988 batch in the Tamil Nadu cadre.  Why is he scintillating Sunil ?  Lets see…

Sunil Kumar had all along maintained a clever camouflage of an honest officer all along his career, whereas he is corrupt to the core.  He is on an accumulation spree  of properties throughout the State.

Son of a DGP in Uttar Pradesh, Sunil Kumar began his career with good intentions.   He was maintaining integrity and was emulated by subordinates.   But when the DMK came to power in 2006 it was topsy-turvy for Sunil Kumar.

Sunil Kumar’s path to ignominy began in 2005, when the DMK MLAs then in the opposition staged a road roko in Mount Road.  The MLAs were arrested and confined in Chindadripet Police Station.   The present Deputy Chief Minister M.K.Stalin came to visit the arrested MLAs who was promptly prevented from seeing them.   When Stalin tried to force his way into the police station, Sunil Kumar promptly prevented him.   The push and pull between M.K.Stalin and the police force was promptly reported to the high command from where instructions came to book a case against Stalin for ‘preventing a public servant from doing his duty’ based on a complaint from 2005.  

Sunil Kumar, a shrewd fellow, saw the way the wind is blowing, as it was the fag end of the regime and refused to give a complaint against Stalin.   What could be in wait, but ‘compulsory wait’ ?  Sunil Kumar was swiftly placed under compulsory wait and later posted in an insignificant post.

Angel smiled on Sunil Kumar when DMK came back to power.   M.K.Stalin, with a sense of gratitude rewarded Sunil Kumar with the posting Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic and later Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic.   Sunil Kumar meant business from day one.   He started making quick bucks in granting and renewal of licenses to malls and theaters and found numerous ways of making money in the traffic posting.

Later in 2008, luck smiled again on Sunil Kumar, when C.K.Gandhirajan, who was the then Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore was ‘honey-trapped’ and shifted from Coimbatore.  The next choice of the government … …   Who else than the blue-eyed boy of M.K.Stalin ? 

Sunil Kumar continued his collection spree  in his new posting, though he missed his family and wanted to attend his son Apurva Kumar, who in a crucial phase of his education.

Sunil Kumar’s request for transfer was promptly acceded and a  posting which will lead him to ignominy came viz. Joint Director, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption.   The posting of Joint Director, DVAC, which used to be a docile job became a ‘hot-seat’ when enquiry was initiated against A.K.Viswanathan,IPS., who is considered to be the sworn enemy of the mightiest power center in the State viz JAFFER SAIT, the omnipresent almighty (omnipresent with his eavesdropping skills).

Sunil Kumar who was handling important enquiries against both A.K.Viswanathan and Uma Shankar, IAS was promptly brought into the fold of Jaffer Sait.    A situation was delivered on a platter by Sunil Kumar to Jaffer Sait to make Sunil Kumar as his stooge.   Apurva Kumar, son of Sunil Kumar, defied his father’s expectations and obtained marks far below to get a seat in any premier engineering college.   Seeing the marks of his son Sunil Kumar became so dejected and became perplexed what to do.

When he lamented about this to his new found GURU, the GURU promptly blessed him with a ‘government quota’ seat in Anna University for Sunil Kumar’s son, for the GURU is the almighty.

An indebted Sunil Kumar almost started dancing to the tunes of Jaffer Sait, which led to Sunil Kumar yielding to some ‘indecent proposals’ by Jaffer.   Jaffer, in his eagerness to finish of his sworn enemy, commanded Sunil Kumar to bring the files to his chamber.     An indebted Sunil Kumar, brought the confidential files he is supposed to protect from uncouth elements like Jaffer, to Jaffer’s chamber and shamelessly showed the files.  The frequency of such indiscreet visits increased after stay order in the enquiries against both Uma Shankar and A.K.Viswanthan was lifted by the Madras High Court.  

Ironically, Sunil Kumar, who has leaded sensitive information about DVAC enquiries has been lecturing his subordinates about maintaining secrecy and that strict action would be taken against any one who leaks out to the press.   Is this what they say ‘devil preaching scriptures ?’

The reason, Sunil Kumar is scintillating Sunil is his capacity to maintain a good image for him, despite being scorchingly corrupt.  In fact, when the savukku website broke news about the huge accumulation of assets by Sunil, one of the senior officers remarked that Sunil Kumar is not such a bad fellow.    If Sunil Kumar is able to hoodwink the senior officer, whom savukku considers as very intelligent, then he definitely is Scintillating Sunil.

The Savukku website published details of assets accumulated by Sunil Kumar as detailed below.

  1. One acre of land in Yelagiri, Vellore District in Sunil Kumar’s name.
  2. Two grounds of land in Manapakkam in his name.
  3. One acre of land in Thaiyur village in Kancheepuram District
  4. Four grounds of land in Sholinganallur in his family member’s name
  5. Four grounds of land in Karapakkam in his family member’s name
  6. Half acre land in three places in (total one-and-a half acres) Ooty
  7. 25 cents of land in Kutralam
  8. One acre land in Hosur District
  9. 20 cents of land in Kovaipudur.

After Savukku website came out with this expose, an ADGP, during an interaction with Savukku remarked that what if Sunil Kumar had purchased all these properties through the money of his father or family members.  He also went on to add that this is the only methodology available in a democracy to better one’s self.

Sir, when you live in a country where 20 million people go to bed without one square meal a day, don’t you think accumulating so many assets is not only undigestable but also obscene ?  This is, if,  accepting that Sunil Kumar accumulated these assets through legal sources.  But obviously he has not.

Kindly go through the following document.

The above document is in the name of Anant Ram.   Who is this Anant Ram ?  Looks like an old business man ?  Don’t be deceived.  This Anant Ram is the father-in-law of Sunil Kumar.   Why would a retired government servant, after 9 years of his retirement, who has settled in Delhi, would come down to Ooty and buy half acre ?  My dear reader, don’t you think it is too much of a coincidence that this property has been purchased three months after Sunil Kumar became Joint Commissioner    Traffic ?

When Savukku came out with the expose on Sunil Kumar, there were lot of brick bats that an honest officer has been scandalized.   The expose set the tongues wagging.   Savukku became the most hated word among officers who believed that an upright and honest officer like Sunil Kumar is being scandalized.   

It was never the intention of Savukku to scandalize any one.   Savukku is not after sensationalism.   Savukku never wanted to settle personal scores with any one.   Savukku wants to expose black sheep.  That is all.

Shown below are the photographs of the properties held by Scintillating Sunil and his family for the kind perusal of DVAC Director Bholanath and Chief Secretary Malathy.    Savukku doesn’t expect any action on the part of Malathy, because she herself is an accused officer in Detailed Enquiry DE 52/2001/PUB/HQ, in which it was recommended to register an FIR against her.  

But Savukku expect some action from  Bhola Nath.   Sir are these details enough or do  you want basic statements I to VI worked out for a disproportionate asset case ?

Kovaipudur property

Kutralam property

Hosur property with special road

Karapakkam property

1/2 acre in Kothagiri

Another 1/2 acre in Ooty

4 Grounds in Sholinganallur with special roads

1 Acre in Thaiyur village, Kancheepuram District.

According to latest information, Sunil Kumar has recently ordered the promotion of one Ms.Selvanayaki, an Assistant as Special Assistant, who is reportedly unqualified to hold the post and also without drawing any panel, for the reasons best known to him.

Now tell me readers.  Is he not Scintillating Sunil ?



  1. Sankar... Times of India and TimesNow has started reporting the landscam that u already mentioned. Please give them some leads.

  2. Almost all the non tamil speaking IAS/IPS (EXCEPT few)officials accumulating wealth using Tamil's money.Politiciana are not taken any action against them.God only save the Tamils.

  3. Great! What a brave my dear friend.....